Christmas Menu

This Special Christmas Menu is available for Lunch and Dinner bookings from Tuesday Lunch through to Saturday Lunch:

3 Courses £29.95

*Please pre-order this menu at the time of booking


    • Noel Les Entrées

    • Cressonnaire

      Fresh watercress soup

    • Soufflé du Fromage

      Twice baked cheese soufflé served with waldorf salad

    • Artichaut au Salmon

      Artichoke bottom filled with salmon mousse

    • Brûlée au Foie de Volaille

      Chicken liver brulee served with kitchen relish

    • Noel Plats Principaux

    • Filet de Bœuf Grand Mère

      Fillet of beef with mushrooms, onions & chestnuts in a red wine sauce

    • Poulet au Limone

      Chicken in lemon, garlic & parsley wrapped in pancetta

    • Turban de Sole

      Turban of sole rolled with prawn mousseline

    • Farcie d’Oignon

      Braised onion stuffed with herb & tomato concasse, topped with butternut squash & thyme crust & baked in the oven

    • All main courses are served with potatoes and seasonal vegetables

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